Coating Technique

The defect-free coating of substrates not only requires application devices which operate reliably and are easy to handle, such as coating dies, but also place demands on the solvents used, e.g. the absence of bubbles.
In addition, controlled mixing processes are necessary to ensure the special properties of the mixed coating fluids for defect-free layers on substrates.

Also, the fluid supply to the coating tools used has to be pulsation-free in order to produce defect-free layers on substrates.
Thus, the reproducible, controlled interaction of all peripheral processes of a coating procedure have to be managed in order to achieve high-quality fluid layers on substrates.
Regarding the choice of the optimal coating procedure and the specification of the coating device, it can either be determined based on past experience, by trial and error (empirical) or by means of analytical calculations. Compared with the empirical approach, modern analytical calculation methods help significantly to save valuable time, machine and employee resources. Nowadays, the design methods are developed so well that, based on the calculation results, complete coating devices can be specified, constructed, manufactured and put into operation within a few days – often without pilot tests.

FMP TECHNOLOGY GMBH has developed novel calculation methods (e.g. calculation of coating windows, calculation of drying windows, etc.) for various processes and, based on the calculation results, successfully introduced many slot dies and also slot die coating devices into the industry or optimized existing devices of the customers, all in a short period of time. The FMP methods also permit a rapid, quantitative calculation of the optimal rheological properties of the coating fluids for various applications. This is a significant advantage, particularly for the chemical industry, in order to offer users the optimal fluid for the requested coating process, the requested coating velocity and quality without time-consuming test series.

Unique advantages of the FMP slot dies:

Single-, Multilayer Coatings
Full area coating or Coating of stripes

Techn. textiles, non woven, tissue,
Foil, paper, cardboard, glas, metall
coils & sheets, wood, etc.

Water based fulids
Solvent based fulids
UV-Systems, pigmented lacquer
Independence of massflow- and viscosity
Coating speed 0 - 2.500 m/min
Wet film layer min. 0,7 µm
Viscosity 1 - 100.000 mPas
Cross web accuracy max. 1%