Pulsation Damping Technology

In many industry sectors, pumps are used to pump fluids through pipes. Due to this functional principle, the use of most pumps results in pulsating flows which occur in subsequent pipes as coupled volume flow and pressure pulsations.

Such pulsations are undesired in many industrial processes and applications. The influence of pressure pulsations on fluid disturbances can be recorded numerically, separately for the influence on pressure, mass flow and fluid property variations in time. The aim of FMP TECHNOLOGY GMBH was the development of easy to use and universally functioning pressure pulsation dampers which also function as mass flow dampers due to their functionality.

Application Areas of FMP Pulsation Dampers:

Otto and diesel combustion engines
Motor vehicle industry
Utility vehicles
Marine diesel engines
Aircraft engines
Direct current & alternating current motors
Coating technology

Sensor technology

Process technology (in general)