Spray Technology

The production of fluid droplets, i.e. spray generation, requires not only suitable spray dies which are easy to operate but also expert knowledge of the possible mechanisms which can be used for the generation of sprays.
Depending on the requested droplet size, different mechanisms of spray generation have to be applied. Some are only suitable for generating droplets with a polydisperse droplet distribution. Others, however, are suitable for the generation of a monodisperse droplet distribution, i.e. the generation of droplets of the same size. Mono- and polydisperse sprays are widely applied in industry, medicine and the human environment.
Depending on the quality requirements, custom-tailored spray generators are available which are put into operation in tight cooperation and thus jointly with the users. In addition, our in-house training guarantees sustained fluid-mechanical knowledge transfer to our customers, which is necessary for the reliable and secure application of the spray generators. The FMP business area “spray technology” deals with the theoretically well-founded design of spray technology up to the production and start of operation of novel, specific “spray generators”.

FMP Spray Generator can be found in nearly every industry sector:

Injection nozzles for combustion engines (Twin Jet Spray)

Lacquering Nozzles


Snow production

Spray drying

Droplet Generators (production of granules, fertilizers, washing powder, etc.)

Spray & droplet cooling

Calibration of measuring instruments for droplet size and velocity measurements