Business units

Ground-breaking developments could be made and novel products could be created in the different divisions of FMP TECHNOLOGY GMBH, which are all based on Fluid Mechanics.

Business Unit "Coating and Drying"

For coating technology, one of the developments of FMP TECHNOLOGY GMBH concerns novel coating dies. In contrast to the current state of the art, it is possible for the first time to apply various coating fluids with only one coating die without any quality reduction. Coating dies currently available on the market need to be specially designed for one particular coating fluid so that, up to now, users had to invest in many different coating dies.
Conventional systems (e.g. convection dryers) only effectively use only 20% of the heat energy for the drying of thin liquid films. The remaining energy will either escape up the chimney into the environment or has to be made available for other purposes by means of time-consuming and expensive heat recovery processes. Therefore, FMP TECHNOLOGY GMBH developed and patented novel diffusion dryers. After years of innovation standstill, the field of drying will experience an upswing with the novel FMP diffusion dryer, because it is characterized by a very high efficiency of about 80%.

Business Unit "Spray Technology & Pulsation Dampers"

In the field of injection, FMP TECHNOLOGY GMBH developed a novel injection system for diesel and Otto engines. Therewith, mileage and emissions can both be reduced by about 20-30% and at the same time the lifetime of installed engine components can be increased. The patented system improves the formation and distribution of droplets during the injection process and also eliminates the pressure waves occurring in combustion engines. With the new system, the new EURO-6 emission limits of the European Union can easily be met.