Diffusion Dryer DITRO 2D & 3D

Due to the high energy demand of today’s convection dryers and thus the high CO2 pollution FMP has developed the novel diffusion dryer DITRO 2D. Without an increase in the applied drying energy being necessary, this novel diffusion dryer DITRO 2D achieves a drying rate that is factor 12 higher, depending on the application. Leading companies have already successfully introduced the novel DITRO 2D technology in order to realize higher drying rates while maintaining the energy level.

Contrary to the state of the art, this is realized by evaporating the fluid with a heat source opposite the substrate and with heat supplied at the bottom of the substrate, instead of blowing a drying gas against the fluid film. This eliminates the effort of heating and drying large amounts of drying gas and also its cleaning to avoid precipitation of dust particles on the layer. The evaporated fluid is discharged by the temperature gradient above the film layer, which is directed vertically towards the heat source. A flow essentially parallel to the fluid surface is avoided. Therefore, no Melier phenomena occur in the fluid layer when diffusion dryers are used for drying.


Increasing of drying capacity up to a factor 12

Savings of energy or improvement of production speed

Simple integration into existing drying units

Areas of application (DITRO 2D)

  • Foils
  • Metal bands
  • Paper, Cardboard
  • Textiles, Nonwoven
  • Glas, plastic plates, etc.

Areas of application (DITRO 3D)

  • Yarns
  • Mono- & Multifilaments
  • Fasern (Glas, Carbon, etc.)