Injection Nozzle Damper

In the past decades, considerable progress has been made in engine technology, not only in terms of engine efficiency but also in terms of exhausts with reduced pollutant content. The injection system represents an important part of engine technology because the fuel mass injected per unit time (injection rate) and its course
dm/dt = f(t) are of vital importance for exhaust emissions, engine power, consumption, smooth running, etc.

When the injection process is analyzed, it can be observed that the injection rate is influenced by multiple parameters, such as the diameter of the injection hole, the injection pressure, the opening characteristics of the valve, etc. The pulsations currently occurring in all Otto and diesel engines at high system pressures (direct injection of petrol, diesel injection) and quickly following injections lead to enormous pressure waves and pressure oscillations in the supply system and thus negatively influence the fuel amount to be injected.

State of the Art

The injection of fuel sprays produces pulsations for physical reasons

The pressure pulsations are up to >> 100 bar

Pressure pulsations cause uncontrolled fuel quantity fluctuations

Too small amounts of injected fuel generate an inefficiency of the engine, too high amount result in emissions

The FMP Injection Nozzle Dampers eliminate the pulsations occurring in combustion engines. The injection dampers can be designed for both Otto engines and diesel engines and can be integrated in existing injection nozzles. Due to a patented, special fuel supply, faster injection opening and closing times can be achieved than in conventional systems. In order to integrate the developed injection nozzle dampers in existing engine systems, a numerical calculation method was developed by FMP specialists, which makes it possible to simulate the chronological sequence of flow processes and the pressure in the fuel supply and the injector nozzle. Based on the obtained calculation results, targeted research of prototypes and small series for operation in test rigs of OEMs and suppliers and also in automotives for field tests is possible.

Statements of Experts

Continental AG: „The elimination of pressure waves represents the ideal state for small injection amounts in combustion engines“

BMW AG: „Avoiding the pressure wave reflection would have the potential of several positive effects for modern diesel & Otto engines“

Advantages of FMP Injection Nozzle Dampers:

Elimination of pressure pulsations (petrol & diesel engines)

Optimization spray training, Sauter diameter << 10 microns possible

Compatible for original equipment (new vehicles) & retrofit

Significant reduction of emissions (CO2) to the future EU limits

Reduction of fuel consumption by multi-injection & optimal spray formation

Optimization of performance and efficiency of engines by homogeneous combustion process

"Down-sizing" or increase the "Lifetime" of engine components (common rail, high pressure pump, etc.)

Areas of application:

  • Gazoline combustion engines
  • Diesel combustion engines
  • Automotive, Motorcycles, Commercial Vehicles
  • Railways, ships
  • Chainsaws
  • etc.