Innovation leader in coating & drying

FMP TECHNOLOGY GMBH, a spin-off the university, is the most innovative partner for system solutions for all kind of fluid mechanical tasks. FMP provides novel products for the coating, finishing and drying technology and for fuel injection systems. The range of services provided by FMP comprises the whole process chain. From the idea to R&D and to series production.


Slot dies ONE FOR ALL: For the coating and finishing industry FMP provides innovative slot dies and slot die trolleys for the refurbishment of existing machines for the production of thin-film solar cells, wafers, foils, paper, textiles, etc. In contrast to the state of the art, different fluids and layer thicknesses can be processed with one-and-the-same FMP-Slot-Die without a loss of quality. Common slot dies currently available on the market generally have to be custom-tailored so that investments for many different applications are inevitable.

Diffusion dryer DITRO (2D & 3D): The novel FMP diffusion dryer DITRO 2D increases the drying rate of common convection systems from 1-1,5 gr/qm up to factor 12. The modular designed DITRO can be applied for different substrate-fluid combinations, for example for paper, plastic foils, textiles or metal bands. Axisymmetric yarns, mono- & multi-filaments can be dried with the system DITRO 3D. The original task of the developers consisted in eliminating the existing disadvantages of conventional dryers. Existing production and laboratory units can be upgraded. Construction, production, integration and operation of the modular diffusion dryers are based on the analytical process design to guarantee the technical and economical production of fluid layers.